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Diplomatennaaiers (010)

02 april 2017

vrijdag 7 februari-2014
Laatste ronde in de cyclus over Hassan Zubaidi, die weer wat nieuw licht wierp over de machinaties versus deze Jemenitische sjeik, toen bleek dat hij poen van de Amerikaanse Windsor Trust gebruikte om de PLO van Arafat te steunen. Komt ie:

"I wrote a report of three pages long for Samir about the fallout from the trial and sent it to him through Zubaidi's lawyer in Switzerland, dr. Erich Diefenbacher. I approached Margit Nesselrod, asking if she would take an active part in the effort to try and cash the Windsor Trust Notes. Initially she said she would give me all the assistance and advice she could. Shortly after that conversation, she changed her mind. As she had done on the Barclay's Bank situation a few years earlier. She told me that the Windsor Trust Funds were in the control of the Leaden Hall Trust in Nassau, Bahamas. She said that the Duke of Westminster was involved again and that there was absolutely no way we could ever succeed in forcing the American Government to pay. I let it drop and left the legal battle to Diefenbacher.
I am under the impression that Zubaidi's failure to ever conclude any deals using the Windsor/Indonesian Notes resulted in a falling out with Assad, who apparently had been financing Zubaidi's stay and life style at the Meridien Hotel in Damascus. I was told Zubaidi was being held under some form of house arrest by the Syrian Government. Before I started writing this down for you. I tried to reach Samir in Prague, Abed in Beirut and Cyprus and Diefenbacher in Switzerland. I was unsuccessful with all three.
One last interesting thing I discovered about Diefenbacher will give you cause to think. He was befriended by an American lawyer named George Montgomery, who ingratiated himself into Diefenbacher's life and office. Montgomery, as an American, offered to help Diefenbacher and Zubaidi in their quest for redemption of the Notes. In doing so he had access to all the Zubaidi strategy and information. Montgomery even seduced Diefenbacher's wife, which caused a separation and divorce. Margit told me that Montgomey was an associate of Chong & Leach, a Windsor Trust connected law firm in San Francisco and he, Montgomery, had been sent to spy on Zubaidi and his lawyer. He was part of the Windsor Trust Group

Conspiracy tot het einde. Wie weet komen we nog eens met een sequel. Want intrigerend blijft het. Al was het alleen maar vanwege de connectie met Ruud Lubbers en Slobodan Mitric, of all people. Dus stay tuned.

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02 april 2017