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Diplomatennaaiers (004)

01 januari 2014

woensdag 8 januari-2014
Wie was/is Margit Nesselrod – Nordstrom (1)? Volgens een Chinese ingewijde die haar in de tweede helft van de jaren tachtig leerde kennen was zij steenrijk en woonde zij op een eiland bij Newport Beach, Californië. In gezelschap van nog een stel uiterst gevulde stutten van de Amerikaanse samenleving. Zij had haar centjes ondergebracht in twee privévehikels, de Barnes-Nesselrod Trust en de California Trust. Praten we niet over een paar duizend piek. Het liep in de miljarden. De eerste gesprekken tussen onze informant, die we X zullen noemen, en Margit verliepen via de telefoon. Kwootje van X. Komt ie:

“Once, for no real reason I said to her that she was the third billionaire I knew personally. She asked who the other two were and I mentioned Ken Thomson in Toronto and Hassan Zubaidi, a Lebanese businessman. She was silent for a minute, then she asked how I knew Zubaidi. When I told her she remarked that I was the first person outside the group that she had ever heard of who knew the story of the loans. She then blew me away by confirming everything I knew about the loans and Zubaidi's role in them. And she stunned me when she said that she was one of the principals on the American end of the particular loan ... that she was the lead trustee of the California Trust. A private trust, where she claimed much of the loan funds still sat. She invited me to Newport Beach to meet her.
In April [1988, red.] I went to Newport Beach. I flew into Orange County (John Wayne) Airport, where I was picked up by a chauffeur in a long limo. I stayed for four days. She had two other limos, a Lear jet at the airport, and she lived in a very private mansion on the sea. She told me she was virtually unknown, stayed low profile, and was protected by the CIA. Just endless bits of information, mannerisms and attitudes that all seemed to be support of what she said. I have spent a lot of time with the very wealthy and I can attest to her comfort in that environ. She claimed she had been married to an Englishman whose father had been a trustee of the Leadenhall Trust in Great Britain. This trust is supposedly the repository of the Romanoff wealth, taken to their cousins, the royal family in England, before they were slaughtered in the Russian Revolution. I have no proof of this, but it adds a touch of intrigue to the story. I went to see her because she needed help trying to repatriate a portion of the American commission from the loans and she hoped that my connections with Zubaidi would help her. She offered a handsome reward, so I was more than willing to listen

Wat is er mooier dan dit soort conspiracies? En niet in een boekie of in een film. Nee, nee, in het echie. Er komt nog veel meer Schweinerei. Stay tuned.

(1) Zie aflevering 3 dd. 6 januari 2014

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01 januari 2014