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24 September 1992
Otis Charles

Dear Dr. Eggenberger:

As a bishop of the Episcopal Church (Anglican) in the United States who was formerly responsible for one of the dioceses of the Episcopal Church and is currently responsible for the training and formation of national and international students at our seminary in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I understand the concern about the nature of any secular programs and their potential to affect those who take part in them. I have 13 years of direct experience and observation of the programs offered by Landmark Education. While I have never known them to deal with God, worship, divinity, or theology, each person's religious preference and practice is considered his or her private concern and is completely respected. At the same time these programs have actually allowed me to enhance my own grasp of faith tradition, and have helped me to be more effective in my religious responisbilities and practice. As you must know, there are many definitions of the word "cult," but by no definition that I know can The Forum or Landmark's programs be considered to constitute or be part of a cult or sect. In fact, quite the opposite, the organization and courses are conducted in a way that is entirely consisten with any accredited education institution. If I can be of any further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.


The Rt. Rev. Otis Charles, Dean and President [Bishop Charles retired as dean and president of the seminary in June 1993.

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