Art Schreiber,19 juni 1996

Dear Editor:
As the Legal Counsel of Landmark Education Corporation, I am writing to strongly object to a number of false and inaccurate statements regarding Landmark Education and its program The Landmark Forum which were contained in an article entitled "Handel In Geluk" published in the 7 June edition of your newspaper.

Art Schreiber

June 19, 1996

The Editor
Kleintje Muurkrant, Postbus 703, 5201 AS, Den Bosch NETHERLANDS

The corrections of the false and inaccurate statements regarding Landmark Education and The Landmark Forum are as follows:

1. Landmark Education is not est. Landmark Education was formed in February, 1991 and is an employee-owned company which offers educational courses in 12 countries, including the Netherlands. est was not turned into Landmark Education and does not give courses under the name Forum. The Landmark Forum delivered by Landmark Education is not the est Training
2. The statement that Landmark Forum had a turnover of 39 million dollars in 1988 is inaccurate since (a) Landmark Education was not formed and did not commence operations until 1991 and (b) the name of the organization is Landmark Education, not Landmark Forum.
3. Werner Erhard has never had an ownership interest in Landmark Education, has never been an officer, director, or employee of Landmark Education and has never been involved in the management of Landmark Education.
4. The goal of The Landmark Forum is not "to explode the psyche to get to a higher consciousness." The Landmark Forum is an educational program which deals with the fundamental questions and issues which are key to shaping and determining people's effectiveness, creativity and satisfaction. As a result of participation in The Landmark Forum, people have the opportunity to create new possibilities for effective action in all aspects of their lives, and to act upon these possibilities.
Many thousands of people have reported that their participation in The Landmark Forum produced valuable results in their lives, including stronger relationships with their families, friends and people at work. In fact, in reviewing a study of people who participated in The Landmark Forum, a noted United States social scientist and public opinion analyst said:

"Several of the study's findings surprised me quite a bit, especially the large number of participants for whom The Landmark Forum proved to be 'one of the most valued experiences of my life.' This is not a sentiment that people, particularly successfull, well educated people, epress lightly. More than seven out of ten found The Landmark Forum to be one of their life's most rewarding experiences. To me, this suggests that it addresses many of people's most profound concerns - how to improve their personal relationships, how to be a more effective person, how to think productively about their lives and goals.

I can understand why people recommend The Landmark Forum to their associates, relatives and friends."

5. andmark Education has no legal or other relationship with any entity known as Transformational Technologies, Inc.

6. The Landmark Forum is not "sophisticated psychology". The Forum is not psychology and is not based in psychology or upon any psychotherapeutic model. Dr. Raymond Fowler, Ph.D., the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Psychological Association, has stated in a letter dated February 22, 1995 that as a psychologist for 40 years and who has studied psychotherapy extensively, his personal opinion is that The Forum is nothing remotely like psychotherapy. A copy of Dr. Fowler' 5 letter is enclosed. Moreover, Dr. Fowler stated:

"In my opinion, anyone conducting such program and calling it psychotherapy would be guilty of false advertisement. No one eeking psychotherapy should expect to find it in a Forum session ... I have talked to psychotherapists who encouraged their patients to attend a Forum session when they felt they were ready to do so and they uniformly felt that the experience was non-harmful' and perhaps encouraged insight."

7. It is inaccurate to state that former Forum participants pressed charges against Landmark Education because of psychological consequences they suffered from The Landmark Forum. Out of more than 350,000 people who have participated in The Landmark Forum around the world, there has been only 1 person who filed a lawsuit. While the article describes the claims in that lawsuit, the writer failed to inform your readers that there was a trial in that lawsuit and after reviewing all of the evidence, the United States District Court rejected Mrs. Ney's claims and ruled that The Forum did not cause her emotional problems. The Court issued its decision in favor of Landmark Education and The Forum and such decision was upheld by the United States Court of Appeals..

In view of the facts set forth above, I demand that you publish a retraction to correct the false and inaccurate statements regarding Landmark Education and The Landmark Forum which were published in your article.
These false and inaccurate statements damaged the reputation of Landmark Education, its program The Landmark Forum and the people, including people in the Netherlands, who have participated in The Landmark Forum and found it valuable.

I request that you publish such retraction and correction as soon as possible. In the event you decline to do so, we will consider taking appropriate action against your newspaper and the writer of the article for the publication of such false and inaccurate statements. I trust that you will act as responsible journalists and publish the retraction and correction so that such additional action on our part is not necessary.

Please respond to my letter advising me as to when the retraction and correction will be published. Please send me this response by facsimile at (415) 616 - 2411 at your earliest opportunity.

Sincerely, Art Schreiber, General Counsel

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