Abou et le cas du yaourt bulgare (002)

31 maart 2017
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zaterdag 3 januari-2009
Kijk, liepen we gisteren weer eens keurig voor de fanfare uit. Want vandaag werden we verrast met een officieel persbericht van looted art investigator Arthur Brand over het nieuwe intrigerende gevalletje rond kunstritselaar Aboutaam in Bulgarije. Compleet met sappige details over de methodes die ze in Bulgarije bedenken om een vriend van een vriend buiten schot te wurmen. Hier komt de tekst:

Dear Sir, Mdme,
My name is Arthur Brand, Dutch investigative journalist and writer.
In this email I am going to reveal quite a serious scandal, involving Bulgarian head prosecutor Kamen Mihov, worlds leading art dealer Ali Abou'Taam (Swiss citizen), Bulgarian billionaire Vasil Bojkov, the French, Canadian and American ambassadors to Bulgaria, and Homeland Security.
A story about class-justice, bribery and fraud on the highest levels!

Here we go:
On 18.09.2008 worlds leading art dealer Ali Abou'Taam, resident of Switzerland, was arrested on Sofia airport, arriving on a plane from Paris. (zie hier en hier).

Mr. Abou'Taam, of Lebanese origin and with a Canadian passport, was invited to Bulgaria by one of his biggest clients, Bulgarian billionaire Vasil Bojkov (zie hier).

Mr. Abou'Taam was arrested because his name appeared on the Interpol's red wanted-list due to a request of the Egyptian authorities, since the art dealer had been sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment because of trading in stolen art (Interpol File number: 25913/2007 Issued:25/5/07).
Mr. Abou'Taam arrived in Sofia on a regular flight from Paris. Though the Interpol Headquarters are located in Lyon, France, the French authorities didn't do anything to arrest Mr. Abou'Taam. Au contraire, the authorities made special arrangements for the fugitive to enter and leave the French territory unhindered. But then again, it were the same French who gave the art dealer one of the most prestigious awards, just two years earlier. Strange, because already in 2006 the reputation of Mr. Abou'Taam was quite dubious... (zie)

Obviously, not every representative of the Bulgarian police had been informed of the 'inviolability' of this V.I.P. so Mr. Abou'Taam was arrested upon arrival, just as Interpol had requested. This came as a surprise and immediately everything was done by the authorities to restore the failure, breaking all the laws...

This is where the story about class-justice, bribery and fraud on the highest levels begins.
The French, Canadian and American ambassadors got involved. The Canadian because of Mr. Abou'Taam's Canadian passport, the American because of the protection that Mr. Abou'Taam receives of Homeland Security. In 2006 Mr. Abou'Taam 'helped' Homeland Security to confiscate some looted Iraqi objects, according to some insiders fenced by Mr. Abou'Taam himself: zie hier

Bulgarian billionaire Vasil Bojkov, who invited Mr. Abou'Taam to Bulgaria, felt responsible for the arrest of his friend. So he called another friend, Bulgarian head prosecutor Kamen Mihov, one of the most powerful man of the country. Billionaire Vasil Bojkov and prosecutor Kamen Mihov are above the law so to speak so they decided to break both national and international laws to help Mr. Abou'Taam out of this situation. Kamen Mihov arranged within only one day (!!!) that Mr. Abou'Taam was secretly released out of prison, brought to the airport, passing the airport V.I.P-gate without (!!!) departure ID registration and boarding a private jet of Vasil Bojkov to leave for Switzerland. According to the flight departure database of the Border Police and the Interpol database Mr. Abou'Taam is still in Bulgaria till this very day...

Because some questions could arise about where Mr. Abou'Taam was hold in custody, Bulgarian head prosecutor Kamen Mihov created the story that Mr. Abou'Taam was placed under house arrest at the address of the family of his Bulgarian wife. So officially Mr. Abou'Taam is under house arrest in Bulgaria, waiting for extradition to Egypt, but in reality he is safe in Switzerland, thanks to corrupted officials. Class-justice, bribery and fraud on the highest levels. A complete insult to Interpol and the Egyptian Government!
To cover his tracks, head prosecutor Kamen Mihov arranged a fake and secret trial - long after Mr. Abou'Taam illegally had left the country - in which was decided that Bulgaria will not extradite Mr. Abou'Taam.
So justice can be bought in Bulgaria. As long as you have the money and the right friends, you are untouchable.

Sincerely yours, Arthur Brand

Leuk land om erbij te hebben in de EU, dat Bulgarije. Al helemaal voorbereid om duistere spelletjes te spelen met grote jongens als le sayan soleil Sarko en zijn evenknieen aan de overkant van de plas. Zullen ze in Egypte ook hartstikke blij mee zijn. Deze croc zal zeker nog een staartje hebben. Al zullen we er zelf voor moeten zorgen. Stay tuned.

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31 maart 2017
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Abou et le cas du yaourt bulgare

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