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Links to (mainly critical) information on occult tendencies (more extensive index here):

Michael Educational FoundationNeo-Pagans
General Adi Da (Da Free John) Aetherius Society AMORC
Amway Ananda Church Anthroposophy Asatru
Astrology Aum Shinrikyo Avatar (Star's Edge) Alice Bailey
Bhagwan (Osho) Brahma Kumaris Carlos Castaneda The Celestine Prophecy
Ching Hai Maria Duval Eckankar Emin (Gemrod)
Esoteric Hitlerism Fiat Lux (Uriella) Findhorn Uri Geller
Grail Message Gurdjieff Trutz Hardo Hare Krishna
Louise L. Hay Heaven's Gate Terri Hoffman Human Universal Energy
David Icke Isis Holistic Center C.G. Jung J.Z. Knight (Ramtha)
Landmark education League of Rights Lectorium Rosicrucianum Life Foundation
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Master Path Mazdaznan Marlo Morgan
'Moonies' Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness Neuro-linguistic programming
Neo-Tech New Acropolis Order of the Solar Temple Ordo Templi Orientis
RaŽl Re-evaluation counseling Wilhelm Reich Rosicrucians
Sai Baba Satanism School of Economic Science (MacLaren) Scientology
Siloism Silva Method Spiritualism Summit Lighthouse
Taiwan UFO cult Elizabeth Teissier Telekinesis Telepathy
Theosophy UFOs; crop circles Universal Church (Leach-Lewis) Universelles Leben
VPM Wicca Zonpower etc.

What social questions?

Agriculture Animals Armed forces Aristocracy
Arts Democracy Dictatorship Drugs
Ecology Economy Education Health
Indigenous people Intelligence agencies Plants Police and the law
Racism Sexual abuse Sports Women

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