Elizabeth Teissier, astrologer. Criticism

Nederlands Teissier: Nederlands

Elizabeth Teissier, astrologer Elizabeth Teissier

  • Teissier predicted for 1999 a message from aliens, and a disaster for 11 August; on German TV in December 1998
  • Elizabeth Teissier; Site Schweiz
  • Elizabeth Teissier's prediction for 1999; German criticism
  • Elizabeth Teissier's doctorate; by Eric Hoogcarspel and Jan Willem Nienhuys
  • Teissier's Sorbonne doctorate; World News articles
  • Dossier Elizabeth Teissier; astrologer debunked by skeptics (in French)
  • Teissier and AIDS; French
  • Elizabeth Teissier's pre-astrology career
  • Teissier et le president Mitterrand; Paris Match
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