David Icke; (British; Australian; etc.) League of Rights; Nexus; New Dawn

Nederlands D. Icke enz: Nederlands

David Icke, New Age prophet Icke

  • Searchlight: David Icke, Greens, esotericism, and the extreme Right
  • About Icke: propaganda and conspiracy
  • Icke's conspiracy theories
  • David Icke and anti-Semitism; links
  • Damian Thompson: David Icke, New Age, and Christian Rightism
  • Icke and ecofascism
  • David Icke pied [scroll down]
  • Canada: Greens to Protest David Icke
  • Canadian Jewish News: New Age speaker set to talk in Toronto
  • Canadian Jewish News: Anti-racists vs. Icke at University of Toronto
  • South African Muslims against David Icke's anti-Islamism
  • Nexus magazine and the extreme Right
  • Pauline Hanson, extreme Right Australia, and New Age
  • League of Rights, anti-Semitism, and Major Douglas (Social Credit); German
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